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20 steps to millions / The best trading indicator without redrawing. Profitability 87.5% + SMS & Email alerts.


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Vladimir, 36 years, Saint Petersburg
Aleksandr is a kind evening. I wanted to express my gratitude for the material provided, indeed the experience is valuable, I feel more confident in the market, the forecasts reach the goal. How much time did you take to achieve the level I can imagine ...... I take off my hat .... Productively worked today pairs eur / usd and gbp / usd. Many thanks. I would be grateful for the earliest communication.

Vladimir, 29 years, Tomsk
Guys, I have never been able to make money on the stock exchange so easily and quickly. All that is needed is to familiarize yourself with the operation of the system and always follow the instructions. Thank you.

Vitaliy, 33 years, Irkutsk
I express my gratitude to Aleksandr, for training and joint trade. Initially set the goal for 3 months and it turned out for 2 weeks. My statement is $24,722.86.
Valery, 37 years, Stavropol
Thank you for your valuable experience. Excellent signals. The possibilities of unlimited income have always bribed me! Forex provides exactly this opportunity.

Olga, 35 years, Rostov-on-Don
Aleksandr introduced me to my friend. We are not inclined to big risks, for the first week we earned 9%.

Eugene, 23 years, Minsk
I spent a lot of time looking for an opportunity to earn on the Internet, from all I chose forex. The year was unsuccessful, saw the video of Aleksandr and decided to apply. Trade became noticeably better and more confident.

Nikita, 29 years, Moscow
After the training course, I decided to take a risk without hesitation. I started with a small amount. Two weeks later, my account was about 1500 dollars. Thank you for the lessons!

Igor, 46 years, Tom
Thanks to Aleksandr, my profit for 3 weeks increased by 70%. I saw new opportunities in trade! Nice to meet you!

Andrew, 25 years, Moscow
Accidentally stumbled upon a video that I liked. He did not hesitate for a long time and turned. And already in two months on my account was almost 500 dollars. Thank you.

Fedor, 43 years, Astrakhan
Many thanks for the training. I admit, I did not think that it is possible so to earn. And only now, when I see profitable transactions, I understand that I was wrong. For 3 weeks my income is $720.

Pavel, 41 years, Volgograd
Aleksandr's trade from the very beginning seemed to me very interesting, but before I decided to study, I wanted to make sure that the strategy was profitable and asked me to give a recommendation on trading to date. After the transaction was closed, I paid for the classes. Thanks for the info.

Aleksandr, 38 years, Maikop
The trading strategy is promising. Yes, it turns out, but neither did anyone say that a bag of money would fall directly from the sky. You need to trade according to plan and without excitement. Everything will turn out, I know it. Pleased to meet you.

Kiril, 31 years, Belgorod
In the strategy I saw the potential and I immediately wanted to learn. Excellent style of trading.

Vladimir, 44 years, Kazan
In the forex market, I've been around 4 years, I've tried a lot. After getting to know Aleksandr I learned a lot of useful information. Thank you for teaching.

Mikhail, 25 years, Ufa
I accidentally stumbled on a video. After reflection, I decided to apply for training. I trade in plus, really works. Thank you.

Ilya, 34 years, Sochi
I earn a hundred dollars a week without stress. I express my admiration and gratitude to Aleksandr.

How to activate the indicator, set up an Email and SMS notifications

On-line обучение трейдингу проводится через Skype и TeamViewer. В процессе обучения Вы научитесь грамотно анализировать состояние рынка и профессионально торговать с учетом риск-менеджмента.
1. Вводный инструктаж. Пошаговая настройка терминала и торговых инструментов.
2. Знакомство со стилем торговли. Получение важной информации и практических навыков.
3. Настройка вспомогательного советника и риск-менеджмента.
The indicator is activated by the number of trading account. After activation, within 30 minutes you will receive:
1) Forever activated indicator for your trading account.
2) Instructions on the use of the indicator and practical examples.
3) Instructions for setting up E-mail and SMS notifications to the phone about the indicator signals.
4) Auxiliary adviser on the support of open orders and a risk management table.
5) Technical support via Skype and TeamViewer.
Using the indicator, you will learn how to correctly analyze the state of the market and trade professionally, taking into account risk management.
Activation cost $75.
Payment methods: Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Skrill / Neteller / Crypto / Bank / Other ways.
Contacts: Email: royalfortuna@yandex.ru / Skype: master.trade.win / Tel.WhatsApp: +7(928)2514977.

What is the uniqueness of the indicator

The indicator uses 11 reliable indicators without redrawing converting all signals into 1 signal. The indicator does not redraw. The indicator will show the best entry point to the market when all 11 indicators match in the signals. The profitability of the indicator signals is 87.5% for the 2017-2021 year.


How to use the indicator

Using the indicator is easy, as it makes you a huge technical analysis every minute. When the signal appears on the chart, you will learn about it from the sound signal in the terminal, via E-mail and SMS message. Instructions for the use of the indicator is attached.


How to calculate the volume for the new order

The volume for each order is calculated using the Excel table. The table adjusts the risk from the deposit to the order and the risk from the profit. SL is placed on the maximum/minimum of yesterday if it differs from the current one by 450 or more pips (for 5-digit price quotes). Your task is to specify the number of pips in the SL bell and the table will calculate the volume for the order.


How much can you earn with the help of indicator signals

Profit depends on the risk management setting for the balance per order and on the market activity in the trends. The profitability of the indicator signals is 87.5% for the 2017-2021 year.


Want more profit - Multiply your account balance by 55% in 2 minutes

The 55% bonus enables traders to make larger new orders on Forex. All profits from trading bonus money are withdrawn without special trading conditions. The 55% bonus is awarded for every replenishment of your trading account. The maximum amount is unlimited. The bonus is valid for every deposit no matter how much you have earned or lost in previous orders. Multiply your balance by 55% with a bonus from InstaForex


If you have any questions, please contact:
E-mail: royalfortuna@yandex.ru   Tel.WhatsApp: +7(928)2514977  Skype: master.trade.win


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  • 20 steps to millions / The best trading indicator without redrawing. Profitability 87.5% + SMS & Email alerts.
  • 20 steps to millions / The best trading indicator without redrawing. Profitability 87.5% + SMS & Email alerts.
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